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Fire protection that makes you feel right at home

While smoke alarms help protect homeowners, they can only detect and alert occupants of a potential fire. Automatic fire sprinkler systems control and extinguish fires, allowing precious time for families to leave safely. Designed for reliability, simplicity, and affordability, the RAPID RESPONSE Residential Fire Sprinkler System is a smart, simple way to protect what matters most.


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Fire sprinkler systems for homes
Benefits of Sprinkler Systems

Learn more about the benefits of a RAPID RESPONSE Residential Fire Sprinkler System.

A home catches fire in the United States every 79 seconds.

Home fires claim the lives of more than 3,000 people each year.

Fire sprinklers can save 5% to 15% in home owner insurance premiums.

Every year there is more than $6 billion in property damage due to home fires.