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Attic Fire Sprinklers

Tyco attic fire sprinklers are specially designed to allow you to more effectively protect the entire attic space, often using as little as a single line of piping. These fire sprinklers help reduce the cost of materials and decrease installation time.

Back Back Attic Fire Sprinklers

BB (Back to Back) 

Dual directional specialty sprinkler that throws a narrow, but long pattern in two directions.

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Single Directional Attic Fire Sprinkler

SD (Single Directional) 

Throws a narrow but long pattern in one direction only.

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HIP Attic Fire Sprinkler System


Designed to specifically cover the HIP area in the attic.

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Attic Plus Residential Fire Sprinkler

AP (Attic Plus) 

Installed in an upright orientation with deflector parallel to the roof, these sprinklers will provide a hydraulic advantage where the application doesn’t provide for the BB, HIP, or SD attic sprinklers.

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