Page 21 - CPVC Fire Sprinkler Products Installation Instructions & Technical Handbook
P. 21

- The maximum distance between the wall(s) and the outside surface of
the riser pipe shall be 1 1/2 in. (38,1 mm).
- All solvent cement joints shall be made with TFP-500 or TFP-600 One Step Solvent Cement.
- The instructions shown here for Exposed System Risers require the use of Schedule 80 fittings when riser sizes are 1 1/2 in. (38,1 mm) and larger.
 3. The system shall be installed per the requirements of NFPA 13 Section 9.2.5(2016 Edition), Support of Risers.
4. TYCO CPVC Pipe and Fittings shall be installed per the manufacturer’s 2 Installation Instruction and Technical Handbook.
5. Risers shall be supported by pipe clamps or by hangers located on the horizontal connection closest to the riser. Only Listed hangers and clamps shall be used.
6. Vertical lines must be supported at intervals, described in Paragraphs 9 and 10 below to avoid placing excessive load on a fitting at the lower end. Do this by using riser clamps or double bolt pipe clamps Listed for this service. The clamps must not exert compressive stresses on the pipe. If possible, the clamps should be located just below a fitting so that the shoulder of the fitting rests against the clamp. If necessary, a coupling can be modified and adhered to the pipe as a bearing support (modified riser collar) such that the shoulder of the fitting rests on the clamp (Ref. Figure 6). Follow the cure times in Tables U, V, and W.
Note: A modified riser collar shall only be used to provide support to the riser and shall not be used to join two pieces of pipe.
7. Do not use riser clamps that squeeze the pipe and depend on compression of the pipe to support the weight.
8. Hangers and straps shall not compress, distort, cut or abrade the piping and shall allow for free movement of the pipe to permit thermal expansion and contraction. The pipe can be damaged, and compression increases the likelihood of stress cracking.
109. Maintain vertical piping in straight alignment with supports at each floor level, or at 10 ft (3,1 m) intervals, whichever is less.
. TYCO CPVC risers in vertical shafts or in buildings with ceilings over 25 ft (7,6 m), shall be aligned straightly and supported at each floor level, or at 10 ft (3,1 m) intervals, whichever is less.
Figure 6 - Riser Collar
 Modify Coupling
Discard This Portion
  Retain Portion of Coupling Without Seat as Collar
Cut Above and Parallel to Seat
Collar Adhered to Pipe
Shoulder of Collar Rests on Support
Support is Snug But Not Tight on Pipe

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