Page 27 - CPVC Fire Sprinkler Products Installation Instructions & Technical Handbook
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- Horizontal Sidewall Sprinklers shall be FM Approved, quick response sprinklers having deflectors installed within 12 in. (304,8 mm) of the ceiling and within 6 in. (152,4 mm) of the side wall. The maximum lateral distance between sprinklers shall not exceed 16 ft (4,9 m). The minimum required discharge from each sprinkler is to be the greater of either the approved flow rate applied over the area calculated for the largest dimension of the sprinkler spacing or a minimum discharge of 0.1 gpm/sq ft (4,1 mm/ min) over the actual area (S x L) covered by the sprinkler. The maximum ceiling height shall not exceed 10 ft (3,0 m).
- The minimum flow or pressure established for Residential Sprinkler 2 Systems shall be per FM Loss Prevention Data Sheet 2-0 and 3-26.
- Solvent cement joints shall be made with TFP-500 or TFP-600 One Step Solvent Cement.
System Risers (FM)
In accordance with the FM Approval, TYCO CPVC Pipe and Fittings may be installed without protection (exposed) as a vertical riser when subject to the following additional limitations:
• An automatic sprinkler (of the same type as in the area being protected) shall be located adjacent to and no further than 1 ft (0,3 m) from the riser.
• The automatic sprinkler protecting the riser shall not be considered when determining protection criteria for the floor area. The design flow for the sprinkler protecting the riser must be the same as for the other sprinklers, and must be added to the hydraulic calculation.
• Solvent cement joints shall be made with TFP-500 or TFP-600 One Step Solvent Cement.
The Loss Prevention Council (LPCB)
Use of TYCO CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems in Accordance with The Loss Prevention Council (LPCB) “List of Approved Products and Services”, Part 5, “Automatic Sprinkler, Water Spray, and Deluge Systems” Section 21.1 “Plastic Pipes and Fittings” and Section 5 of BS 5306: Part 2.
The Loss Prevention Certification Board Listing is as follows:
1. The ‘scope of use’ of plastic pipe should be agreed upon between the purchaser, authority having jurisdiction, and/or insurer.
2. Use of plastic pipe and fittings is subject to water authority agreement for the territory concerned.
3. LPCB Approved quick response sprinklers shall be used with exposed (e.g., fire exposure) plastic pipe and fittings.
4. Plastic pipe and fittings are suitable for use only with wet pipe systems.
5. Care should be exercised to ensure that joints are adequately cured, in accordance with the manufacturer’s installation instruction, prior to pressurization.
6. Plastic pipe and fittings shall not be installed outdoors.
7. Where plastic pipe and fittings are exposed (e.g., fire exposure), the system shall be installed close to a flat ceiling construction.

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