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TECHNICAL DATA 51 for information on the appropriateness of these devices as hangers and/
or vertical restraining devices for use with TYCO CPVC Pipe and Fittings.
For complete installation and positioning requirements for the TYCO HEAD SET hangers refer to Technical Data Sheet TFP1920. They are designed for direct attachment to the side of a structural wood joist or structural composite wood joist Oriented Strand Board (OSB) web member or equivalent so as to provide accurate placement of sprinklers.
Pipe Bracing with Standard Band Hanger
Tolco, Inc., Afcon and Erico make hanger/restraining devices that are available for use with TYCO CPVC Pipe and Fittings.
A One Hole Strap, shown below, can function as a hanger and as a restraining device. As a restraining device, invert the hanger so that the fastener is downward. Installation in this manner will prevent upward movement of the sprinkler during activation.
A Two Hole Strap, shown below, can function as a hanger and as a restraining 3 strap. UL Listed CPVC hangers incorporate features that protect the pipe from sharp edges and ease installation. The hex head self-threading screw (furnished with most UL Listed CPVC hangers) is easily installed using a rechargeable electric drill and a 5/16 in. (8,0 mm) socket attachment. No pre-drilling of a pilot hole is required.
Local codes have final authority on which types of hangers may be used.
  One Hole Strap
Two Hole Strap
Hanger/Support Spacing
Because TYCO pipe is more rigid than other types of plastic pipe systems, the support spacing shown in Table R shall be adhered to when installing the system. For exposed installations, Listed support devices shall be used that mount piping directly to the ceiling or side wall, except when using upright sprinklers per the installation information in the Listings &
Approvals Section of this handbook.
When the piping is supported by wood joists or trusses by laying the pipe directly on top of the structural members, the structure provides the support, assuming that the center spacing of the structural member does not exceed the
requirements of Table Q.
  Table Q
Maximum Support Spacing “L ” (Feet) CPVC SDR 13.5
 Nominal Pipe Size ANSI Inches (DN)
 3⁄4 DN20
 1 DN25
 1 1⁄4 DN32
 1 1⁄2 DN40
 2 DN50
  2 1⁄2 DN65
  3 DN80
 Support Spacing in Feet (m)
  5-1⁄2 (1,7)
  6 (1,8)
  6-1⁄2 (2,0)
  7 (2,1)
  8 (2,4)
   9 (2,7)
   10 (3,0)

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