Page 60 - CPVC Fire Sprinkler Products Installation Instructions & Technical Handbook
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Handling - Pipe and Fittings
TYCO CPVC Pipe is protectively wrapped and fittings are packaged for ease of handling and storage, minimizing the potential damage of pipe and fittings due to transit handling and storage.
CPVC piping products have a lower impact strength as compared to metal piping products. Pipe fittings, packaged or loose, should never be tossed or thrown to the ground. Pipe should never be dropped or dragged on the ground (for example, when unloaded from a truck) and should remain boxed until ready for use. Impact cracks, splits or scratches can weaken or damage the pipe and fittings. Heavy or sharp objects should not be thrown into or against CPVC pipe or fittings. When handling CPVC pipe, ensure that the pipe is well supported and sagging is minimized. Failure to comply could result in damage of the CPVC pipe and in property damage due to leaks.
Very cold weather will make plastic pipe and fittings brittle. Extra care during handling should be taken to prevent damage.
TYCO CPVC Pipe and Fittings should always be inspected for damage before actual installation. Pipe or fittings with cuts, gouges, scratches, splits or other signs of damage from improper handling or storage should not be used. Damaged sections on lengths of pipe can easily be cut out using proper techniques for cutting TYCO CPVC Pipe.
Storage - Pipe & Fittings
TYCO CPVC Pipe and Fittings can be stored in their original packaging to keep them free from dirt and reduce the possibility of damage. TYCO pipe (un-packaged) must be covered with a non-transparent material when stored outdoors for extended periods of time. Brief exposure to direct sunlight on the job site may result in color fade, but will not affect physical properties. Long term exposure to direct sunlight will increase color fading and can make the pipe and fittings more brittle. Avoid long term exposure to ultra-violet light and/or direct sun exposure.
When storing inside, TYCO CPVC Pipe and Fittings should be kept in a well ventilated area, away from steam lines or other types of heat sources. TYCO CPVC Pipe and Fittings should always be stored in the original packaging until needed for use to keep them free from dirt and other contaminants, eliminate color fading, and reduce the possibility of damage.
Pipe should be stored on a clean, flat surface that provides an even support for the entire length of the pipe. When palletized pipe is stored, ensure that the wooden pallet bracings are in full contact with each other. Loose pipe should be stored in original packaging. When storing pipe on racks, the racks should have continuous or close support arms to prevent the pipe from sagging. Pipe racks should be free of oil/dirt and sharp edges that can damage the pipe when stored.
Plastic pipe fittings should be stored on pallets in their original cartons. The cartons should then be wrapped with thin plastic sheeting to prevent moisture from causing the packaging to collapse. To avoid hydrocarbon contamination and failure of the CPVC fittings under pressure, TYCO CPVC Fittings should never be stored with metal fittings.

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