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Do not over-torque sprinklers when wrench-tightening with the manufac- turer required sprinkler wrench. Over-torquing may result in equipment damage.
For recessed applications do not attempt to compensate for insufficient sprinkler depth within the Escutcheon Plate by under- or over-tightening the sprinkler. Re-adjust the sprinkler fitting position to suit
Step 2. Adjust orientation of the sprinkler by applying the manufacturer specified sprinkler wrench to the sprinkler wrench flats and wrench-tighten an additional 1/2 to 1 full turn, or by applying a minimum-to-maximum torque of 5 to 7 ft lb (6,8 to 9,5 N∙m).
Gasket Replacement in Rapid Seal Adapter (RSA) Fittings
Gasket Replacement and its associated tools were not evaluated as part of the UL Listing program.
In the event that a sprinkler, installed in an RSA fitting longer than six months, is removed due to damage or activation, the RSA fitting or the RSA fitting gasket must be replaced.
See Appendix A for separately ordered replacement gaskets and tools. Step 1. Remove the sprinkler from the RSA fitting.
Use caution when removing the gasket to avoid damaging the adapter threads. Failure to do so may result in equipment damage or failure.
Step 2. Using the Rapid Seal Gasket Removal Pick, (see Figure 2) carefully remove the gasket from the RSA fitting. Discard the old gasket.
Step 3. Verify that the RSA fitting port is clean - free of all debris, chips, or burrs. Failure to do so may result in equipment damage or failure.
Step 4. Ensure the tool Base Socket is the correct size, 1 1/4 in. socket or 1 1/2 in. socket, for the RSA fitting.
Note: To change the Base Socket, remove two socket head cap screws using a 3/16 in. hex head wrench.
Step 5. Rotate the Rapid Seal Gasket Replacement Tool insertion shaft (see Figure 3) counter-clockwise until fully retracted. Place the Rapid Seal Replacement Gasket (see Figure 4) onto the shaft end boss and rotate the shaft clockwise until the gasket is flush with the surface of the base recess.
Step 6. Holding the Rapid Seal Gasket Replacement Tool (see Figure 3) base recess firmly against the face of the RSA fitting, rotate the insertion shaft until fully engaged. Remove the Rapid Seal Gasket Replacement Tool from the RSA and verify that the gasket is evenly seated and fully installed in the RSA fitting port.
Step 7. Install the replacement sprinkler in accordance with the Sprinkler Installation section in this handbook.

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