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Special care must be exercised when selecting the appropriate hanger or support method for TYCO CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems.
TYCO CPVC Fire Sprinkler Systems may be supported as follows:
• Using the same hangers as metal piping systems that meet the requirements of this section
• Using hangers specifically listed for thermoplastic sprinkler piping
• Using any other support method acceptable to the local authority having jurisdiction
When using hangers/restraining devices, ensure that the hangers are clean, free of burrs, and free of all surface oils. Any foreign substance must be removed from the hanger.
When plumbers tape or J hooks are permitted by the authority having jurisdiction, for example NFPA 13D applications, rough edges are to be shielded.
Avoid using hangers of the incorrect size for the pipe being fastened/hung as the hanger can pinch, crush, and damage the piping system causing it to leak or crack under pressure. Leaks may not appear until after the pipe is in service.
The pipe size of the hanger shall be the same size as the supported pipe, and the hanger shall be applied to the pipe (i.e., not the fittings). Horizontal runs of piping must be braced so that stress loads (caused by bending or snaking the pipe) will not be placed on a fitting or joint. In jurisdictions that do not allow plastic to metal contact, rigid plastic sleeves should be used to isolate the materials. Strapping pipe overly tight to a structural member may cause damage to the pipe when pressurized. The pipe should be held snugly by the hanger, but cannot be pinched or crushed in any way. Pipe hangers must comply NFPA 13, NFPA 13D, NFPA 13R, or the standard recognized by the applicable Approval Agency, as appropriate.
Exception: In installations where TYCO CPVC Pipe is attached tight to a continuous ceiling with a “strap” style hanger, undue stress may be placed on the pipe. The outside dimension of the fitting is greater than that of the pipe and this size difference can create an unacceptable deflection of the pipe when the strap is located directly adjacent to the fitting. In this case only, and when the fitting is tight to the ceiling, it would be acceptable to use a hanger that is one size larger than the pipe. The use of such an oversized hanger would avoid the stress on the pipe.
Some hangers designed for metal pipe are suitable for use with TYCO CPVC Fire Sprinklers Systems. Hangers must not have rough or sharp edges that can come in contact with the pipe. Pipe hangers must have a load bearing surface at least 1/2 in. (12,7 mm) wide.
There are several types of hangers, that have been specifically listed as “Support Devices For Thermoplastic Piping,” such as Tolco (Model 22, 23, 24), Afcon (# 510, 511, 512) and Erico (No. 107, 108, 109). Consult the specific manufacturer
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