Page 70 - CPVC Fire Sprinkler Products Installation Instructions & Technical Handbook
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Brass Threaded Connections
A thread sealant shall be used in making wrench-tightened NPT threaded connections. TEFLON thread tape is the recommended sealant. Some thread sealants other than TEFLON thread tape contain solvents or other materials that may be damaging to CPVC. For other types of thread sealants, which have been specifically investigated and confirmed to be “System Compatible,” refer to the FBC System Compatible Program at, Underwriters Laboratory and FM Global Approvals.
Note: The use of any other thread sealant may result in damage to the TYCO CPVC and/or the brass insert. DO NOT use a combination of tape and thread sealant on the same joint.
When using TEFLON thread tape, TYCO recommends a thickness of 0.003 in. (3 mils) ±0.0005 in. and the tape must meet or exceed military specification MIL-T-27730A. The tape should be wrapped in the direction of the threads. Generally 2 to 3 wraps are sufficient to obtain a leak free seal.
When using OATEY GREAT WHITE Thread Sealant, it should be applied to the male threads only. Make sure all the threads are covered and DO NOT clog the waterway with excess sealant.
Care must be taken to avoid over-torquing. Usually 1 to 2 turns beyond finger tight is all that is required to make up a threaded connection. For sprinkler torque requirements refer to the appropriate sprinkler technical data sheets.
A hold back device, approved for use with CPVC pipe and fittings, must be used when torquing the body of the sprinkler adapter. Failure to so may result in damage to the brass threaded connector and void the TFPP warranty. Additionally, the CPVC system may also fail or leak, resulting in property damage.
Sprinkler Installation in Rapid Seal Adapter (RSA) Fittings
Install sprinklers in RSA Fittings in accordance with the following procedure.
Refer to individual sprinkler data sheets for additional information including required sprinkler wrenches.
For assembly of CPVC piping and fittings, see Tables on Page 63 and Joining Pipe and Fittings in Adverse Conditions section on Page 66 for Curing Time.
DO NOT apply thread sealant or TEFLON thread tape on sprinklers intend- ed to be installed in RSA Fittings. Thread Sealant or TEFLON tape may not allow the sprinkler to seat properly and cause leakage and/or equipment failure.
Step 1. Ensure the sprinkler threads are clean and do not have thread sealant such as tape or paste applied. Avoiding cross-threading, gently thread the sprinkler into the fitting and hand-tighten until the sprinkler makes contact with the gasket.

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