Page 72 - CPVC Fire Sprinkler Products Installation Instructions & Technical Handbook
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Grooved Coupling Adapter Connections
The following procedures are recommended for proper assembly of the Grooved Coupling Adapter:
Inspect the fittings and pipe to ensure that they are sufficiently free of indentations, projections or roll-marks on the gasket seating areas of the fitting and pipe. The pipe should be squarely cut. Any loose scale, paint and/or dirt must be removed from the groove and seating surfaces prior to assembly.
Use a standard grade EPDM-A (See manufacturer for temperature ratings) gasket that is suitable for wet fire sprinkler service. A flexible coupling shall be used with grooved coupling adapters such as the Grinnell Figure 705 or 707 Grooved Flexible Coupling.
Products coming in contact with CPVC systems (for example, coupling gaskets, coupling lubricants) must be chemically compatible. (See Notice located on Page 55, Chemical Compatibility section.)Use of rigid style couplings may damage the grooved coupling adapter. Consult the grooved coupling manufacturer for proper selection and installation instructions.
Use of petroleum based lubricants will damage the gasket and may damage the adapter, resulting in stress failure of the CPVC housing that could cause property damage.
Consult the authority having jurisdiction and building codes prior to penetrating fire rated walls and partitions. Several through-penetration firestop systems are UL Classified for use with CPVC pipe. TFPP recommends BLAZEMASTER Caulk and Walk for use with TYCO CPVC Pipe and Fittings, as this caulking product contains a water based intumescent that will not harm the CPVC compound as verified by The Lubrizol Corporation. The use of fire-stopping materials incompatible with TYCO CPVC Pipe and Fittings may cause damage to and/or failure of the CPVC system. (See Notice located on Page 55, Chemical Compatibility section.)
TYCO CPVC piping systems shall be designed and installed so that the piping is not closely located to heat producing sources, such as light fixtures, ballasts and steam lines. Pipe must not be positioned directly over open ventilation grills. Finally, during periods of remodeling or ceiling repair, appropriate steps must be taken to shield the piping from the protected occupancy.
Because TYCO CPVC Pipe is much more flexible than metallic sprinkler pipe, it has greater capacity to withstand earthquake damage. In areas subject to earthquakes, TYCO CPVC piping systems should be designed and braced in accordance with local codes and NFPA Standard 13. For information regarding Bending Deflections and Snaking Deflections for given lengths of CPVC SDR 13.5 pipe, See Tables N1, N2, P1, and P2.
Use extreme care when passing TYCO CPVC Pipe and Fittings through

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